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Advanced Imaging Solutions

Date: April 29, 2021

Join the Phoenix LiDAR Systems webinar on advanced imaging systems, held on April 21, 2021. Hosted by Conrad Conterno, Head of Post-Processing, and Justin Wyatt, VP of Sales at Phoenix LiDAR Systems, along with Nick Nelio, Inspection Sales Manager for Phase One, this session dives into how Phoenix LiDAR’s data collection tools integrate with Phase One’s cutting-edge imaging systems to enhance remote sensing capabilities.

Conrad Conterno opens with an overview of Phoenix LiDAR’s custom mapping solutions, emphasizing sensor integration for superior data acquisition and analysis. He introduces various advanced camera options, including the lightweight custom A6K Light for UAV-based mapping, dual oblique cameras for enhanced colorization, multispectral solutions for detailed vegetation analysis, thermal mapping cameras for environmental monitoring, and hyperspectral sensors for precise spectral analysis.

Nick Nelio then showcases Phase One’s high-resolution, medium-format cameras, focusing on the 4-band solution that combines RGB and near-infrared imagery, ideal for crop analysis and environmental monitoring. He also presents the Phase One P3 payload for inspection applications and the IX Mach 5 controller designed for efficient geospatial missions.

Throughout the webinar, the benefits of direct geo-referencing and the seamless integration of multiple sensors into single payloads are highlighted. The hosts address audience questions on the accuracy of dual-camera systems, post-processing challenges, and the applications of hyperspectral imaging.

The session concludes with Justin Wyatt and Nick Nelio emphasizing their collaborative approach to delivering tailored solutions and inviting viewers to contact them for personalized consultations.

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