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Webinar: Introducing Spatial Explorer 6.0!

Date: March 25, 2021

Join Phoenix LiDAR Systems in their March 2021 webinar as they unveil their latest software releases, Spatial Explorer 6 and 6 Pro. Hosted by Terry Owens from the sales team and Conrad Conterno, head of post-processing, this informative session provides an in-depth overview of Phoenix LiDAR’s innovative multi-platform solutions and industry-leading advancements.

Learn about the comprehensive features of Spatial Explorer 6 and 6 Pro, from basic sensor control and data export to advanced calibration and post-processing tools. Discover how the new A-to-Z workflow integrates NavLab for seamless trajectory processing, and explore enhanced features like automated bore sighting, LiDARSnap, and CameraSnap for optimized data accuracy.

The webinar also includes a detailed Q&A session, addressing compatibility, geoid applications, and software comparisons, with insights from CTO Ben Adler. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how Spatial Explorer 6 Pro can streamline your LiDAR data processing and deliver superior results.

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