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Phoenix LiDAR RECON-A vs. DJI Zenmuse L1

Date: May 25, 2022

Join Kory Kellum, Senior Software Engineer at Phoenix LiDAR Systems, as he explores the advanced capabilities of Phoenix LiDAR’s mapping technology in their May 2022 webinar. Phoenix LiDAR specializes in compact, adaptable, survey-grade systems for various platforms like UAVs, cars, and backpacks, and offers robust post-processing software, including LiDARMill and SpatialExplorer Pro.

Phoenix LiDAR, based in Austin, Texas, contrasts with DJI’s recent entry into the LiDAR market. Phoenix offers comprehensive solutions, ensuring high-quality data acquisition and processing, supported by robust customer service. The Recon A system, with its superior APS-C camera sensor and vibration dampening kit, is compared to DJI’s Zenmuse L1, which is limited to the Matrice 300. The Recon A’s IMU is notably more accurate, reducing drift and improving data reliability.

Phoenix LiDAR’s LiDARMill offers advanced features like flight line splitting, ground control adjustments, AI classification, and detailed QC reports, which are not available in DJI’s Terra Pro. This comprehensive processing capability ensures high accuracy and quality in deliverable data products. A comparative analysis of data from DJI’s L1 and Phoenix LiDAR’s Recon A showcases significant differences in accuracy and precision. The Recon A system demonstrated superior performance, particularly in terms of reducing warping and improving overall data quality.

For those seeking accurate, high-quality LiDAR solutions, Phoenix LiDAR Systems provides a superior alternative with extensive support and advanced features. Visit phoenixlidar.com for more information and to explore their range of products.

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