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LiDARMill New Features Release!

Date: October 8, 2021

In this Phoenix LiDAR Systems webinar, hosted by Conrad Conterno, discover the latest features and updates in their cloud processing software, LiDARMill, for early 2021. Phoenix LiDAR Systems specializes in comprehensive mapping solutions, covering the entire data collection and finalization process. Conrad introduces LiDARMill, a cloud-based automated data processing software designed to streamline workflows and maximize accuracy. This powerful tool handles navigation data, LiDAR data calibration, point cloud creation, and includes built-in QC tools along with an online data viewer.

The webinar highlights several new features in LiDARMill, including an overhauled coordinate reference system (CRS) wizard that ensures accuracy from the beginning, enhanced ground control point (GCP) handling which allows designation of points as control or check, and improved accuracy reporting based on these checkpoints. There is also a new option for generating tiled results, particularly useful for managing large projects, and comprehensive documentation to guide users. Additionally, the deployment of the new SpatialExplorer 6 core significantly enhances data quality and calibration precision.

A major upcoming feature is a machine learning-based automated classification pipeline, currently in beta testing and tailored for utility data sets. This AI classifier aims to save time and increase classification accuracy by automatically identifying various features in point cloud data.

Conrad demonstrates these features within the LiDARMill interface, highlighting the importance of setting the correct CRS and using the updated GCP configuration tool. He also showcases the new tiled data download option and the ease of accessing online documentation.

During the Q&A session led by Dr. Ben Adler, various topics are addressed, including support for third-party systems, mobile LiDAR processing, reference station-less processing, and manual classification. Ben discusses the handling of large data sets, the new AI classification pipeline, and the visualization of reference stations within the cloud viewer.

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