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LiDAR Calibration – Achieving Survey Grade Accuracy with LiDARSnap 4

Date: October 8, 2021

Join the May 2021 Phoenix LiDAR Systems webinar, hosted by Senior GIS Engineer Ira Monkfold, as he dives into survey-grade calibration and accuracies from point cloud data. This insightful session focuses on the LiDAR Snap 4 calibration tool within the Spatial Explorer software. Learn about the essential requirements for achieving precise point cloud data and how Phoenix LiDAR Systems can help you create survey-grade data effortlessly.

Ira explains the critical importance of precise system calibration, covering accurate measurements of lever arms and the alignment of laser, GNSS, and IMU components. He highlights the necessity of mission-specific optimization to address in-flight anomalies, ensuring data accuracy. The integration of surveyed ground control points is emphasized as a vital step for achieving geospatial accuracy, with LiDAR Snap 4 providing comprehensive calibration and reporting tools.

LiDAR Snap 4 revolutionizes the calibration process by combining multiple steps into a single, user-friendly software interface, significantly reducing complexity and time. The software features advanced capabilities such as encoder calibrations and trajectory optimizations, offering users reliable survey-grade point cloud data. The webinar also includes a Q&A session, addressing software capabilities, processing times, and compatibility with various LiDAR systems and platforms.

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