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LiDAR in Oil & Gas Applications – A Panelist Discussion

Date: October 8, 2021

In this webinar, hosted by Kory Kellum of Phoenix LiDAR Systems, we explore the innovative use of LiDAR technology in oil and gas applications. Featuring insights from Ryan McMann and Andrew Healy of Measurement Sciences Inc. (MSI) and Scott McGowan of Precision Aerial Compliance Solutions, this session delves into the benefits of Phoenix’s survey-grade LiDAR mapping systems for UAVs and helicopters.

Learn how MSI transitioned from traditional land surveying to LiDAR, achieving efficient and detailed pipeline mapping and river-crossing surveys. Discover how Precision Aerial leverages LiDAR for refinery expansions, pipeline planning, and environmental assessments, significantly improving accuracy and efficiency. The discussion covers challenges in drone-based LiDAR surveys, data management strategies, and the integration of sonar and LiDAR for comprehensive results.

This video also explores potential applications in other industries, such as dam integrity and power line inspections. The webinar concludes with a Q&A session, addressing key questions about LiDAR technology’s capabilities and future developments. Don’t miss this insightful look at how LiDAR is revolutionizing the oil and gas industry.

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