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Phoenix Air Unmanned’s Journey to Becoming a Drone Operations Leader

Date: November 20, 2023

Explore the cutting-edge world of drone operations with Phoenix Air Unmanned, a leader in the industry known for its advanced use of LiDAR technology and dedication to safety and innovation. 

This video provides an in-depth look at how Phoenix Air Unmanned, a subsidiary of Phoenix Air Group, is revolutionizing drone applications with state-of-the-art technology, including the Phoenix LiDAR Systems Ranger UAV

Discover how their Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) capabilities allow for efficient data acquisition over vast terrains, making them a key player in sectors like utilities for vegetation management and disaster response.

Learn about their diverse services that cater to multiple industries, their rapid data gathering capabilities that outpace traditional methods, and their prowess in creating detailed 3D models for enhanced analysis and decision-making. 

The video also highlights the LiDARMill, an innovative online processing suite that simplifies LiDAR data processing, demonstrating Phoenix Air Unmanned’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries and delivering exceptional results across various sectors.

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