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What Happened at Commercial UAV 2022 in Las Vegas

Date: September 12, 2022

CUAV Sep. 6-8, 2022︱Las Vegas

Phoenix LiDAR Systems came into Commercial UAV Expo 2022 in full force, bringing new innovations and product features that stirred up massive excitement amongst industry professionals. 

CUAV Expo is the definitive event for professionals integrating or operating commercial UAS. With top-notch education, thousands of attendees, and more exhibitors than any other commercial drone event, it’s the best opportunity of the year for anyone who needs to keep up with commercial UAS technology, trends, and developments.

We announced our new and improved PIONEER-360 payload that boasted higher precision and accuracy than ever before.  Our first bathymetric LiDAR system, the HydroRANGER was exhibited for the first time since its announcement back in June.  

Phoenix LiDAR was selected to present the HydroRANGER in an exclusive annual event called “Pitch the Press.”  A group of industry press representatives selected only 15 exhibitors to  present a new cutting edge UAV solution in the exhibit hall. Selected exhibitors were given two minutes to present their new solution, followed by a one minute Q&A. The solutions chosen represented the groundbreaking solutions in reality capture, collaborative work and visualization tools.

An amazing event overall, with many wonderful new connections forged.

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