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What Happened at GEO Week 2022 in Denver, Colorado

Date: February 22, 2022

GEO Week Feb. 6-8, 2022︱Denver, CO

We had an incredible time connecting with our partners in person and sharing our full portfolio of LiDAR mapping solutions at GEO Week 2022! Our newly showcased solutions included the RECON Series, RANGER ULTRA, PIONEER P-360, and our SpatialExplorer 7 software suite.

We were especially thrilled to have had our Regional Sales Manager, Al Jarrah Habib showcase our RECON-XT in an exclusive “Pitch the Press” event. A group of industry press representatives selected only 15 exhibitors to briefly present a new solution in a one hour event. Selected exhibitors were given two minutes to present their new solution, followed by a one minute Q&A. The solutions chosen represented the cutting edge in reality capture, collaborative work and visualization tools.

Technology and its capabilities are changing constantly with new features, products, and software designed to make work safer, faster, less expensive, and better performing. Exhibiting organizations highlighted the latest technologies available during the Product Preview Presentations. Our Director of Operations, Rob Dannenberg unveiled all the new features and capabilities of Phoenix LiDAR’s SpatialExplorer 7 software suite.

In a special collaboration, our partners at SkyFront showcased our RANGER-XL at their booth and we shared their Perimeter 8 at our booth. Displayed on the Perimeter 8 during GeoWeek 2022, the Ranger ULTRA and Ranger XL are considered the leading edge of technology for survey-grade LiDAR systems in the industry and an invaluable asset for linear infrastructure and wide-area mapping Lidar data collections.

GEO Week 2022 yielded an impressive display of the latest lidar and geospatial technologies and innovative BIM use cases. Phoenix is pleased to have played a part in this year’s exhibition!

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