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VUX vs. Avia Sensors for Vegetation and Terrain Analysis

Date: November 20, 2023

This video presents a detailed comparative analysis of two leading LiDAR sensors, the VUX and Avia, within the geomatics sector. Focusing on their performance in capturing precise vegetation and terrain data, the video highlights the VUX sensor’s superior precision, energy penetration, and pulse rate, making it ideal for challenging environments like dense forests.

The research also explores the integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) with LiDAR technology, showcasing the potential of the Regal Vux 1LR and Live OXAVIA sensors. Key insights include the Department of Transportation’s interest in UAS for crash scene reconstructions and surveying, illustrating the need for efficient data collection methods.

Phoenix LiDAR Systems is featured for its advanced UAS LiDAR solutions and Spatial Explorer Pro software, emphasizing the increasing importance of LiDAR technology in geomatics, especially for environmental applications like wetlands where accurate elevation data is crucial.

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