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What Happened at XPONENTIAL 2022 in Orlando, Florida

Date: May 2, 2022

XPONENTIAL Apr. 24-28, 2022︱Orlando, FL

Our team could not have been more excited to make the return to AUVSI XPONENTIAL this year! We showcased our new integration kits, which included the DJI M600 Pro for the RECON Series as well as the DJI M300 Airframe paired with the MiniRANGER-3 Lite.

The new M300 Pro + RECON integration kit combines the power of the skyport adapter with custom vibration isolation allowing the RECONs’ to be integrated on any standard 12mm rails. M300, M600, Harris Aerial H6, Skyfront Perimeter 8, PRISM?… no problem! A strong fit for teams on a budget – The RECON solutions are designed to grow and adapt with your business. These all-in-one payloads offer ease of use and efficient data collection all at an affordable price point.

With the MiniRANGER-3 Lite + M300 integration, we combined Riegl industry leading laser precision with the ubiquitous M300 airframe, and topped the solution off with Phoenix LiDAR Systems’ renowned real-time 3D data visualization software. This package provides the next generation of mapping professionals with a compact and cost-effective tool that leverages the highest number of target echoes per laser shot offered by any M300 payload.

We enjoyed reconnecting with our partners, colleagues customers during our Wednesday night social event at Bahama Breeze. A BIG thank you to everyone who attended! We hope you enjoyed your time networking and had a great evening.

Xponential 2022 boasted an impressive display of technological advancements of uncrewed and autonomous systems. We were thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate and provide leading LiDAR solutions to those within the industry.

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