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Power Line Surveys!

Date: October 8, 2021

Join Iram Unfold from Phoenix LiDAR Systems as he delves into the transformative power of LiDAR and UAV technology for power line utility surveys. This comprehensive webinar covers every aspect of a survey project, from initial client interactions and RFP responses to precise data acquisition, post-processing, and final deliverables.

Discover how Phoenix LiDAR Systems’ compact, customizable LiDAR-based mapping systems, known for their high accuracy and 3D imaging capabilities, can revolutionize utility industry applications. Learn through a fictional case study about “Stuart’s Utility Company” and explore key considerations for sensor specifications, mission planning, and the integration of weather station data for accurate wire loading models.

Iram emphasizes the importance of accurate data acquisition, effective post-processing, and the generation of actionable insights. The session also includes a Q&A segment addressing ground control points, trajectory matching, and sensor recommendations.

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