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LiDAR in Rail Applications – A Panelist Discussion

Date: October 8, 2021

Join Kory Kellum in this insightful Phoenix Lidar Systems webinar featuring experts from CSX and American Rail Engineers (ARE) as they discuss the transformative use of mobile and UAV-based LiDAR systems in rail applications. Phoenix LiDAR Systems, a leader in commercial UAV LiDAR technology, offers custom LiDAR mapping systems for various platforms. This webinar explores how CSX and ARE leverage these advanced systems for asset inventory, change management, vegetation management, hydrology mapping, and more.

CSX representatives Steve Carmody and Tony Boise share their journey from manual data collection to utilizing mobile LiDAR units (Scout 16s) and permanently installed units (HDL 32s), significantly enhancing efficiency and safety. They also discuss plans to expand their capabilities with aerial LiDAR for complex environments like railroad yards.

ARE experts Steven Ushak, Taylor Engel, and Sam Johnson highlight their successful use of the Mini Ranger system for projects such as coastal resilience studies and PTC vegetation cutback planning. They emphasize LiDAR’s ability to penetrate vegetation and collect data in challenging conditions, including nighttime operations, and discuss future upgrades to larger systems for broader coverage and higher resolution.

The webinar underscores the critical improvements LiDAR technology brings to the rail industry, showcasing various applications and the potential for further advancements with aerial LiDAR and beyond visual line of sight operations. Concluding with a Q&A session, the discussion addresses data accuracy, field-to-office workflows, and operational challenges in diverse environments.

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