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Airborne LiDAR Acquisition – Planning & Real-Time Mission Guidance

Date: September 29, 2021

Join the Phoenix LiDAR Systems September 2021 webinar, hosted by Conrad Conterno and Ben Adler, focusing on airborne LiDAR data acquisition with manned aircraft. This session highlights the advantages of using fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters for LiDAR mapping, including increased flight speed, height, and the ability to cover large areas efficiently. Conrad Conterno, the post-processing manager, and Ben Adler, CTO and co-founder, introduce the new mission guidance feature of SpatialExplorer, a software that enhances real-time flight mission execution.

Learn about the different mission types available in the flight planner, such as wide-area mapping, corridor mapping, and line points mode. Discover how to incorporate various sensor types and models for accurate planning, ensuring optimal density, overlap, and resolution. The webinar includes a detailed demonstration of MissionGuidance, showcasing tools like dynamic whiskers for real-time navigation and the touch-and-go mode for pilot-initiated flight lines.

Understand the importance of precise flight planning and execution for high-quality LiDAR data and efficient post-processing. The session concludes with a Q&A, addressing flight plan creation, altitude calculations, and system adaptability. Explore the future of LiDAR mapping with Phoenix LiDAR Systems’ advanced technology and mission guidance capabilities.

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