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The Power of 3D Virtualization Using LiDAR

Date: November 20, 2023

Join Pete Kelsey, owner of VCTO Labs, as he showcases the transformative power of 3D virtualization and LiDAR technology in storytelling. This video highlights Pete’s expertise in creating visually stunning 3D models of historic sites like Easter Island and the USS Arizona. By integrating LiDAR with GNSS, Pete crafts detailed digital representations of physical assets, bringing data to life.

Featuring the Recon XT GNSS LiDAR system mounted on the DJI M300 drone, this video demonstrates how Drone LiDAR technology captures intricate details from above, creating immersive narratives. Pete’s collaboration with Phoenix LiDAR provides the cutting-edge hardware and software that make these projects possible.

One standout project is Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, where Pete uses LiDAR to create a digital twin of the site, offering precise measurements and virtual tours of this enigmatic location. Pete’s dedication to his craft and partnership with Phoenix LiDAR exemplify his commitment to excellence and innovation.

Explore the world of 3D virtualization and LiDAR technology with Pete Kelsey and VCTO Labs. For more information and to connect with the community, visit vcqlabs.com. Welcome to the future of storytelling through 3D models and LiDAR.

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