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The Best DJI M300 UAV LiDAR Solutions – RECON-XT & MiniRANGER-3

Date: September 5, 2022

The Best DJI M300 UAV LiDAR Solutions – RECON-XT & MiniRANGER 3

If you are looking for a high-performance yet light weight solution, the RECON-XT and MiniRANGER-3 are both versatile and affordable LiDAR solutions. They are both mountable on the DJI M300 UAV. They are both survey grade solutions featuring high-precision. The biggest difference is that one relies on a single, high-powered laser, and the other relies on multiple lasers. The MiniRANGER-3 features an impressive recommended AGL of up to 75 meters, filling a major AGL gap in the ultra-lightweight UAV LiDAR market. And the RECON-XT is the ultimate value, entry-level system for the DJI M300. A strong fit for smaller scan areas and teams on a budget.

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