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LiDAR in Animal Landscape Ecology Applications

Date: October 8, 2021

Discover the innovative use of LiDAR technology in animal landscape ecology with Phoenix LiDAR Systems’ November 2020 webinar. This session delves into how remote sensing technologies, like LiDAR, are revolutionizing ecological research, particularly in understanding animal-landscape interactions. Hosted by Kory Kellum, a top GIS engineer at Phoenix LiDAR, the webinar features insights from Evan Hawkeridge, a PhD student from Harvard University’s Davies Lab.

Learn about the role of ecosystem engineers, such as elephants and termites, and how their behaviors influence ecosystems on a regional scale. The discussion covers advanced data collection methods using drones equipped with LiDAR and thermal sensors, challenges faced in field operations, and groundbreaking research projects in Kruger National Park and the Republic of Congo.

Tune in to explore how these technologies provide unprecedented detail and accuracy in ecological studies, offering new perspectives on animal behavior and landscape changes. Perfect for ecologists, researchers, and tech enthusiasts, this webinar showcases the future of ecological monitoring and analysis.

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