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UAV LiDAR Post-Processing Overview + LiDARMill

Date: April 6, 2018

Join Phoenix LiDAR Systems’ latest webinar where Director of Marketing Vu Winn discusses UAV LiDAR post-processing tips and tricks. Designed to provide continuing education and streamline LiDAR data collection, this session highlights Phoenix’s pioneering role in developing the first commercial UAV LiDAR system and their ongoing technological innovations.

Post-processing engineer Eric McNeil showcases essential software tools such as Spatial Explorer, Inertial Explorer, and the cloud-based LiDAR Mill. Eric covers critical steps from initial field checks to detailed trajectory processing, making complex tasks accessible even to beginners. Viewers gain insights into accurate data handling, troubleshooting, and optimization techniques.

The webinar also includes a Q&A session addressing specific software features and techniques. Concluding with updates on upcoming events and an invitation for feedback, the Phoenix LiDAR Systems team remains available to support attendees.

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