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UAV/Drone LiDAR Explained

Date: September 26, 2022

Drone LiDAR Explained

If you plan to use LiDAR, you need something to carry the LiDAR system over the area you intend to map or survey. The device that carries the LiDAR system is known as a “platform” and the LiDAR system itself is known as a “payload”. While manned aircraft were the default platform for many payloads in the past, today UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), often referred to as “drones”, are becoming more common as a platform to carry LiDAR and many other payloads. But how does this work? In this video, Kory Kellum of Phoenix LiDAR Systems, will explain how a UAV or drone carries its LiDAR payload to achieve the highest accuracy and efficiency for its end objectives.

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