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PIONEER-360 is New and Improved

Date: August 29, 2022

The PIONEER-360 is New and Improved!

The PIONEER-360 is the tool of choice for UAV and Mobile applications where there is no room for compromise in data quality. With a beam divergence of only 0.3 mrad, this system is designed for precision and confidence. 

The PIONEER-360 supports selectable pulse repetition rates up to 500 kHz and line scan speeds up to 250 lines/second, allowing it to be optimized for various application and data requirements. A quick release system can accommodate a removable high-resolution, light-weight 61 MP camera.


  • Most narrow beam divergence of any Phoenix LiDAR system for superior ground detection and canopy penetration
  • Even point distribution at higher vehicle speeds 
  • Price and performance closes the gap between MiniRANGER and RANGER series systems
  • Highly adaptable – capable of UAV, mobile, and backpack applications


  • Narrow beam divergence of <0.3 mrad 1/e
  • Shot-to-shot precision of <1cm for survey applications
  • Up to 4 returns
  • Laser Range: 290 m @ 20% Reflectivity
  • Scan Rate: Up to 500 kHz
  • Weight: 4.9 kg / 10.8 lbs including camera
  • Scan speed of 250 lines per second
  • 61 MP camera (optional)

PIONEER-360 is Mobile Mapping Compatible! 

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