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Phoenix LiDAR Systems is pleased to announce the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with Nordic Unmanned.

Date: February 4, 2021

Founded in 2014, Nordic Unmanned is largely recognized as one of Europe’s fastest growing experts in achieving reliable data solutions in the field of #digitalization. As an industry leader and the only listed drone operator in Europe, Nordic Unmanned retains strategic global partnerships with solution providers in the industries of #logistics, #energy, and #defense, and is continually helping to shape the regulatory standards for unmanned aircraft across Europe.

Both PLS and Nordic Unmanned recognize the growing interest in high-quality, built-for-purpose, turn-key solutions in the rapidly evolving unmanned aerial market.

Speaking about the new partnership, Justin Wyatt, Vice President of Sales stated “We are extremely pleased to sign this partnership agreement with Nordic Unmanned, a company with whom we have a shared vision to provide industry-leading products and services to the fast-evolving industry within Europe. As two companies committed to innovation and creating customer-focused solutions, we are excited about the many advantages such a partnership can offer to the market”. #uav #uas #lidar #dronesurvey #photogrammetry #innovations #3dmeasurement

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