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First Annual AltaFest 22′

Date: May 24, 2022

AltaFest May 19, 2022︱Mullica Hill, NJ

Thank you to the Freefly team for inviting us to present at this year’s first annual AltaFest! It was an honor to present alongside a variety of industry professionals, and show how Phoenix LiDAR Systems’ empowers the end user to collect the highest quality LiDAR data, with real-time quality control checks in the field. The user gets a friendly solution that instils confidence and eliminates the need for costly remobilization down the road.

We followed up the data acquisition demo, visualizing the colorized/classified pointcloud collected from the scan site processed in SpatialExplorer7 Pro – a great desktop based option for post-processors looking to process data without an internet connection. SE7 Pro makes it quick and effortless to take cross sections to view vegetation penetration, and make accurate measurements.

Transitioning to the presentation, our team covered the different solution tiers we offer, from the RECON series to the RANGER series, our acquisition best practices, and the post-processing workflows available using SE7 Pro and our cloud-based LiDARMill platform for a more automated processing experience.

Overall, the event was a complete success and we are already looking forward to the next one!

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